Friday, October 28, 2011

Upkeep, Favorites, and Knitting

Wow! I haven't written in a long time! I'm terrible at blogs, I never keep up with them. I thought this one would be different since I didn't put a specific theme to it like the other ones I've started, but obviously it's just me and my inability to stick with things.

Update: I'm selling off the diapers that aren't my favorite so I can get some more of my absolute favorites! I'm so excited! I've continued to buy a few things here and there to try out and have discovered my favorites for the most part. I'm loving flats, fitteds, RagaBabe AIO's, and Green Line covers.

I'm also learning to knit so I can knit wool longies for MissE for winter. Now that I've started, I'm wanting to knit all kinds of things! I used to associate knitting with doilies and afghans but knitting is a fascinating world of such cute and functional items! Can't wait to get decent at it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

They're Like Pokemon cards...

So I've sent back some diapers from my trial and am down to 8 diapers, 2 covers, 3 flats and 6 (too small) prefolds. I'm definitely jonesing for some more diapers! Guess what I'm putting on MissE's Christmas list (hint, hint).

I have a pretty extensive "wanna try" list. Now just to decide what to try first! Decisions, decisions...

Is it sad that I'm addicted to something my baby poops in? They're like Pokemon cards, gotta get 'em all!