Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome & Current Addiction: Cloth Diapers

Hello and welcome! Not much to this blog, just a place to post about the going-ons of my little family. I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl born in the middle of June, we'll call her MissE. Hubby just started a new job after a short stint in the Air Force and is loving it so far (we'll call him Mister).

My obsessions and addictions change as swiftly as my baby's diapers. Speaking of which, my current obsession revolves around the notion of cloth diapers. I know what you're thinking; safety pins, rubber pants, smelly wet pails, and origami-type folds only a highly trained master could successfully achieve. Today's modern cloth diapers are nothing of the sort, although you can still get that kind if you wish. Modern cloth diapers come in all varieties, shapes, sizes, and (of course) adorable colors and prints. There are now dry pails which reduce smell by using air flow, and waterproof-lined bags for use when you're out and about to carry your diapers in. Best of all, you just throw it all in the wash! You have to use a cloth diaper safe detergent and add an extra rinse, but other than that, it's not really any different than your regular washing routine.

Oh, and no toilet dunking if you don't want to! There are now modern day conveniences for getting off stubborn poo like flushable liners to place inside your diaper and simply flip into the toilet, or a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet to spray out the mess. I don't have to worry about this for a while since we are still in the exclusively breastfed stage which is completely water soluble.

I have a laundry list (pun intended) of cloth diapers I want to try! And all different types! There are tons of big name brands out there and probably 5 times as many WAHM (work at home mom) brands. There are the original flats and prefolds with pins or a Snappi (more on that later) and a cover (not plastic pants, CUTE covers). There are AIO's (all in one's) which are just like a disposable in the sense that you simply place it on and when it's soiled you take it off for a new one. There are AI2's (all in two's) which comprise of a shell and an insert where you can switch out the insert and keep reusing the cover until it is soiled. There are also pocket diapers which are similar to an AIO except that you can adjust the absorbency by stuffing the pocket with inserts and removing them reduces drying time compared to the AIO. There are also hybrid diapers which are like an AIO but with either an insert or an earth-friendly disposable insert, great for those who want the benefits of cloth but the convenience to throw away a disposable!

I could go on and on but I'll leave you for now. I have lots of favorite sites so far and will post them later, though some are linked through the icons on the right of the page. There is also a new book that is supposed to comprise of all the information that most (like me) spent hours and weeks researching on the Internet about cloth diapers coming out in October that I have already pre-ordered for an autographed copy.

I have ordered a cloth diaper trial from Itsy Bitsy Bums (and cannot recommend her highly enough, fantastic service). I will be breaking one of the cardinal rules of cloth diapering, which is to never try a new diaper on the road, as my diapers will come in the day before we go out of town with family for Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned to hear about that adventure.

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