Monday, May 28, 2012

How I Tie Dyed Flat Diapers

On the 2012 Flats and Hand Washing Challenge forum, I've had a few questions about how I tie dyed MissE's flat diapers. In this post, I'll be sharing the tutorials and materials I used to create the different tie dye effects.

I used some condiment squirt bottles, Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye, disposable gloves, a funnel, rubber bands, a baking rack over the sink to dye, washing soda, salt, scissors, and a dozen GMD large unbleached flat diapers.

The basic instructions are: I twisted into the effect I wanted, secured with rubber bands, squirted the dye where I wanted it while the diaper laid on the baking rack over the sink, put in a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap, set on the table for 24 hours, cut rubber bands, rinsed with warm water until the water ran clear, washed on hot with detergent, dried on hot. I had mixed the dye with warm water and I had pre-soaked the flats in warm water with washing soda (about 1/2 cup for the sink full) and salt (a couple of Tablespoons).

To get the black streaks in this one, I used this tutorial.

To create the pictures in these two, I used this tutorial. I wasn't sure if the Rebel Alliance symbol would turn out but I was pleased with the results. I accidentally switched the colors with the one that was supposed to be a heart though. I had specifically chosen the colors of that one because they were Star Wars colors (red for the Rebel Alliance with purple, green, and blue because they're light saber colors). I was very distraught over the mix-up at first (just ask Mister), but I'm happy with it now, it makes the Rebel Alliance one look more girly. I'm very excited to know how to tie dye a Mickey Mouse silhouette as I'm a Disney World freak and will definitely be tie dying some Mickey stuff for our next trip to Disney World! Mister is a massive Star Wars fans (as in, has a couple of Star Wars tattoos) so the Rebel Alliance symbol was for him. If I had to do it over again, I'd definitely use the colors I had intended for the Rebel Alliance symbol and I'd use the same colors for the Mickey one but switch them around. I think I'd do the Mickey silhouette black and swirl the other colors.

This one was supposed to be a heart shape but didn't really turn out. I was a little rushed as we were late for a prior engagement while I was trying to finish up my tie dying and I had done this one last. I think it would've been a bit better if I had taken my time. I do like how it turned out though, I think it kind of looks like an alien. I used this tutorial for this one, but you could definitely use the running stitch tutorial from the previous two flats to make this shape.

For the rest of the flats, I used this tutorial.





I'd love to see pictures of your tie dye creations! Please post the link in the comments below! You can bet that these won't be my last tie dye projects, I already have so many ideas for what to do next!


  1. Okay I LOVE the way yours turned out! I see you used dylon and I wonder if that would have gotten better results than the Tulip I used. My colors faded quite a bit after washing. :( Here are mine they are on the last two blog posts about the challenge.

  2. I think they look great! My flats also faded a little after washing, the pictures make them look brighter than they really are. I used Dylon because I had read that RIT and Tulip would bleed for a long time, but I have no personal experience in that. By the way, your blog is so cute!

  3. Eeepppers! I stumbled upon your bloggy via diaper swappers and I'm in total love!! We have so much in common! I am cd-ing my babies and raising them crunchy! I am a Waldorf doll maker and craft and blog and dye diapers too!

    Love your blog, and this tut is very helpful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us! It is beautiful--- how fun your little bum baby with look!

    Many blessings,

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